The conference will take place in the Hospedería del ColegioArzobispo Fonseca, conveniently located in the old part of the city of Salamanca. The Hospedería was built in the XVIII century as a complement to the residence of the archbishop Fonseca. It has been completely renewed and reopened as a modern conference center while retaining the atmosphere of the old University of Salamanca.

Hospedería del Colegio Fonseca

Entrance to the Hospedería of the Colegio Fonseca.

Stand and posters area.

View of two meeting areas within the Hospedería.

Lecture room where meeting will take place.

Lecture room where meeting will take place.

Coffee Room.

Permanent exhibition room at the Hospedería

University of Salamanca

University Facade

Patio de Escuelas and University Facade